27 May 2024

About Trade Expo Indonesia 2024

For the past few years, Indonesia has experienced a positive trend of export growth across various products and services in the global market. It's crucial to continue and enhance this trend as Indonesia competes with other nations for global opportunities.

In an effort to improve national export performance, the Ministry of Trade has been proactive in inviting buyers and investors to engage directly with Indonesian providers of export products and services at the annual Trade Expo Indonesia ("TEI") tradeshow.

TEI is an International B2B-focused trade show designed to foster the growth of the nation's export products and expand its export markets. The event has been a major player and is arguably the biggest trade show held in the region.
Last year in 2023, the show was held from October 18 to 22 and has been attended by more than 33,000 buyers and visitors from 114 countries, with the total transaction of US$ 25,3 billions.

The theme for the 39th Edition of Trade Expo Indonesia this year is "Build Strong Connection With The Best of Indonesia". Its aim is to build a strong and long lasting Connection between Indonesia's local export quality products manufacturers and the business market throughout the entire world.
TEI will promote manufacturers and suppliers from all over Indonesia, that will showcase their best high-quality products and services in a four (4) days of business event from October 9 to 12, 2024 at The Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) - BSD CIty, Indonesia.

TEI is also seeks to develop business networks and investments to the country by providing guidance and assistance on how to du busineess in the country. In accordance with the above, TEI will features a series of parallel activities, including international seminars, business matching, and business counseling.

Show Title: Trade Expo Indonesia 2024
Theme: Build Strong Connection With The Best of Indonesia
Show Type: B to B (Wednesday to Friday)
B to B and B to C (Saturday)
Date: Onsite, Wednesday, 9th October - Saturday, 12th October 2024
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 19.00 (GMT+07)
Venue: Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) - BSD City - Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
Frequency: Annual
Edition: 39th
Hosted by: The Directorate General National Export Development (DGNED) Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia
Organized by: PT Debindomulti Adhiswasti (DEBINDO)

for further information please click: www.tradexpoindonesia.com


  • Fishery and Seafood Product
  • Fresh Meat Product
  • Processed Meat Product
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Frozen Foodstuff
  • Cocoa and Processed Cocoa Product
  • Other Processed Food
  • Spices
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Agriculture Product
  • Halal Certified Food and Beverage Product


  • Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and CPO Derivatives
  • Paper and Paper Products
  • Building Material
  • Rubber and Rubber Products
  • Automotive and Spare Parts
  • Wood and Wood Products
  • Electronic Products
  • Chemical and Organic Chemical Products
  • Plastic-ware
  • Medical Equipment
  • Beauty and Personal Care


  • Franchise
  • Professional Service
  • Financial Service
  • e-Commerce
  • Logistic
  • Manpower
  • Animation Industry
  • Comic
  • Digital Game Industry
  • Digital Streaming Service


  • House Furniture and Interior Products
  • Handicraft Products


  • Textile
  • Batik
  • Woven
  • Embroidery
  • Modest Fashion
  • Leather Products and Footware
  • Jewelty
  • Fashion Acccesories
  • Trend and Lifestyle Products